Industry Leadership

 Abaco Jet Services is led by one of the most respected businessman in our industry.

  Mike Meldeau, our owner, is a retired  Race Car Driver and highly successful founder of a major International Tire and Alloy Wheel business that included manufactureing, testing, marketing, distrubion  and retail stores.   He is credited with the foundation of the “Low Aspect Ratio-Radial Tire.”   This coveted and highly successful  business was sold to Goodyear in 1989 at age 42!   Finding retirement undesirable for a highly charged and demonstrated industry leader, he started another business in his favorite industry, Aviation.  Abaco Aviation Services, Inc. and Abaco Jet Services LLC. acheived impressive sales results in a short period of time.  Mike is very serious about doing every job ” right the first time”. His many years on the International Road Racing Circuit finely tuned his skills in preparation, investigation, negotiation, and implementation.  In other works, we don’t start any project without a clear road map and mission defination.  Results are SATISFIED REPEAT CLIENTS!

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