About Us

Margaret and Mike Las OlasAbaco Jet Services is owned by one of the most respected Businessman/ATP Pilots in our industry.

 Mike Meldeau is a retired  Race Car Driver,  founder of the Low Profile Tire (Fulda), Meldeau International, Inc.,  Tire Clubs, Plus One Stores, Meldeau Tire World, Meldeau Tire Stores, Custom Tire and Wheel Warehouse as well as several European Alloy Wheel manufacturing Companies. Accomplishments included design, manufacturing, testing, marketing, distribution and a chain of retail stores. He is credited with the success of the “Low Profile Tire.”   This coveted and highly successful  business was sold to Goodyear in 1989. 

Early retirement did not last (after 10 years), so Mike founded another business… in Aviation.   His impressive qualifications:  7,000 flight hours,  Airline Transport Pilot Rating, Single Pilot Exemptions for Citation Ultra and Encore with world wide flight experience, along with owning, operating and flying his Jets (in his tire business), providing the tools for Abaco Jet.  Acute awareness of the variance in pricing and solutions for aircraft ownership, operation, management, inspection and repairs from his many years as a Jet Owner, offers a solid foundation to benefit  clients. Along with his wife Margaret, who was Vice President of their International Tire Business and a pilot, make the perfect team to support your aviation requirements.

Abaco Aviation Services, Inc. and Abaco Jet Services LLC., continue to return impressive sales results since 1996, largely in part to completing each task ” right the first time.”  His many years on the International Road Racing Circuit and flying High performance business Jets (Single Pilot) finely tuned those skills in preparation, analysis, investigation, negotiation, and implementation.  In other words, “we don’t start a project without a clear road map and mission definition”.